What’s your talent?

The other day I was called into the living room by my …. let’s describe him as ‘over exuberant’ four year old. He wanted to show me something that he could do. I expect you can all recall a moment when a child wants to show off something they have discovered or something that they can do. Precious moments aren’t  they? He solemnly informed me to “hurry up or I  will forget my performance!!”

I sat down to watch him do  this :



I asked him afterwards if he liked dancing and he proudly proclaimed “Yes I do Mum, its my talent!” Now whether he is good at dancing or not is debatable, but the fact that he was proud and thought he was good at it was amazing. Isn’t our role as grownups to help kids have good self esteem and to discover their talents whatever they might be?


That night at bedtime I read him this wonderful book


This tells the story of a crocodile who for some strange reason doesn’t like water. He is the oddest crocodile ever. He is sad because he can’t join in with his brothers and sisters and  he tries really hard to fit in and force himself to do the things that they do. The twist at the end of the story is  truly delightful. I won’t spoil it for you by revealing what happens but serves as a brilliant reminder that we can’ be good at everything – but we are all good at something. When we find our role in life we shine….



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